What’s new in the world of cycling

This week Pinkie takes a look into the world of cycling. Cycling has always been thought of as the use of bicycles for transport, recreation, or for sport and though this is still technically true people are starting to think about this concept a little more laterally. Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century and now number about one billion worldwide. They are a very efficient and effective mode of transportation, providing numerous benefits compared to motor vehicles. These include exercise and the related health benefits, insurance savings, fuel savings, an alternative to the use of fossil fuels, no air or noise pollution, reduces traffic congestion, easier parking, greater manoeuvrability, access to both roads and paths; the list goes on. Apart from ordinary two-wheeled bicycles there are many innovative cycling ideas emerging to encourage people to start, and assist the converted and the committed to improve their experience and training.

If you’re looking for a little extra speed there are new lightweight and functional bicycles hitting the streets. Bikes geometrically designed like The Rollin’ Bike by Moritz Menacher, laser-cut from a single sheet of aluminium making a lightweight and stylish ride. Seriously cutting-edge.

For serious cyclist looking for a more realistic training experience when the weather is not optimal, there are new products like the Kurt Kinetic, taking realism of indoor workouts to a whole new level. With training devices that deliver natural side-to-side motion in your living room riders engage core muscles to maintain balance, giving a true riding simulation and a great workout, all indoors.

Perhaps you’re in need of a little helping hand or simply want to take the schlepping out of cycling. If so there are Electric Bike suppliers and manufacturers popping up all over Australia, and around the world offering, transportation alternatives. With the rising cost of petrol, cycling is increasingly becoming the norm. Many people are still deterred by the schlep and inconvenience of commuting to and from work, but electric cyclists say electric bikes offer all the benefits of a bicycle with none of the drawbacks. As they’re pedal assisted by electricity, hills are no longer an issue, long journeys are now achievable and showering after is a thing of the pass. So if you’ve been putting off cycling to work, or just want to make the trip a little easier after a hard day at the office, electric could be the solution for you. Looking for something a little more extreme but just need a boost on those serious mountain bike trails? They’ve even got purpose-built electric mountain bikes literally redefining the ride.

Finally for the arty folks who thought cycling was just for exercise! People are burning calories while getting the artistic juices flowing. With stationary bicycles using cyclist’s pedaling motions to draw (splatter paint) over a canvas. The motion is entirely random, resulting in a different drawing each time, so with every pedal session a potential new masterpiece is born.

There are a million reasons to start cycling so pick one, get out there and get cycling for whatever reasons and whichever way it suits!

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