Sardines or Steppers?

A campaign is currently being run via social media channels in Perth, Western Australia, attempting to highlight – and change – the ongling problems faced by the city’s daily users of public transport.

Commuters are being encouraged to upload photos of the city’s crowded public transport system onto social networking sites, in an attempt to reduce overcrowding on trains and buses and to show the Government that there is a need for improved public transport in Perth.

What’s missing from this campaign – and in particular the single page website - is an opportunity for people to provide innovative ideas for helping to change the way public transport is used, and to identify alternative ways for people to commute.

  • How about Perth being a bit ‘outrageous’ and consider bike and/or standing only carriages? 
  • Or take a leaf out of the book of international trains that have incorporated ‘play areas’ and swings into their carriages so people can be active whilst on their journey? 
  • Could we discuss the idea of train and bus stations becoming ‘community hubs’ with bike locker storage, showers, coffee shops etc so that people could ride to the station, get ready for work and then take the train/bus the rest of the way?

People WANT to actively commute – but at present in our increasingly time-poor lives, this can be a difficult thing to achieve.  So instead of adding carparks to train stations, let’s think outside the square and re-brand our Public Transport Authority as the ‘Active Transport Achievers’ and ensure that Perth – and WA – is recognised as THE place to live.

(Comments and ideas are Pinkie’s alone and do not necessarily reflect those of DSR).